Wooden Toothpicks Individually Wrapped -1000

The BarBits Wooden Toothpicks offers your guests or customers a more friendly alternative to traditional plastic toothpicks with this individually wrapped wooden toothpicks.

The paper wrapping can also be fully recycled after use. This will help you to divert waste away from environmentally damaging landfill sites.

By Using our toothpicks gives you a great way to make more sustainable choices in your day-to-day operation.
Can also be used for cheese and pineapple, sausages, olives etc.
Disposable and fully biodegradable and friendly to the earth
Manufactured from renewable and sustainable materials.
Hygienically and individually wrapped toothpick
Double pointed toothpicks

Material : Bamboo
Colour : Brown with white paper wrap
Dimensions : L 65mm x Dia 2mm
Shape : Round
Pack qty : 1000
Manufacturers Part Number : DIS-WTP