Wooden Cocktail Muddler 25cm

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Product Information:

Enhance your cocktail experience with the BarBits Wooden Muddler, designed to release the vibrant flavors of hard ingredients like mint, ensuring your drinks are bursting with taste. Suitable for both professional and home use, this muddler is a must-have for muddling cocktail ingredients and creating delightful beverages. Its long length is perfect for highball glasses, and the easy-to-clean design adds convenience to your mixology routine.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Professional and Domestic Use
  • Perfect for Muddling Cocktail Ingredients
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long Length for Highball Glasses
  • Hand wash only

Product Features:

  • Brand: BarBits
  • Material: Beech Wood
  • Dimensions: L 230mm x W 42mm H 42mm
  • Pack of: 1

More Information for Barware Use: The BarBits Wooden Muddler is a versatile tool that elevates your cocktail-making game. Crafted from beach wood, it ensures durability and easy maintenance. Whether you're a professional bartender or a home enthusiast, this muddler is designed to enhance the flavors in every sip. Hand wash for longevity and continued enjoyment.