Stainless Steel Water Pitcher 1Litre


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The BarBits 1 litre metal water jug is practical and Elegant and makes a great addition to any tableware set. The Carafe Pitcher jug has a high shine mirror finish and will make a lasting impression with dinner guests or table sevice in your restaurant.

Add chunks of fruit such as lemons, limes, and strawberries to your water and leave them to soak. Then, when you pour, you and your guests can enjoy refreshing fruit-infused water. The chunks will be stopped from falling into your glass by the convenient ice guard and filter.

Perfect to prevent any spillages and can be used to serve a wide range of cold beverages such as water, cordial or juice.

The stainless steel water jug offers a simple and contemporary design.
Perfect for serving water and other cold beverages.
Built in Ice guard.
Dishwasher safe.

Product features
Dimensions : H 235mm x D 100mm
Capacity : 1 litre
Material : Stainless steel
Finish : Polished finish
Colour : Silver