Stainless Steel Ramekin 1.5oz


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The BarBits stainless steel 1.5oz ramekin cup is ideal for serving any side sauce from ketchup, Jalapeno, peppers and mustard, BBQ and sauces. can be used even use it for melted butter beside seafood dishes.

Perfect for serving sauces and dips.
Provides high resistance to staining and maintains an excellent finish.
Alternative to constantly replacing the tradition porcelain ramekin.
Ideal for presenting sauces and condiments at the table.
Made from high quality stainless steel.
Stylish and contemporary.
Dishwasher safe.

Product features
Dimensions : H 27mm x D 57mm
Capacity : 1.5oz
Material : Stainless steel
Finish : Smooth
Shape : Round
Colour : Silver