Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool

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Now you can create perfectly layered cocktails at home. This clever tool creates a controlled slow pour that prevents liquids of different densities from mixing. The result is beautiful, colourful layers.

Place the tool on the rim of the glass lowering the middle flow stick. Pour your cocktail using the highest density liquid first (syrups/liqueurs etc) then juices and finally alcohol on the top. It's also great for making Irish Coffee.

Dazzle your friends with your layered creations.
Can be used with a variety of glassware.
Perfect for parties or behind the bar.
Create layered cocktails with ease.
Suitable for hot or cold drinks.
Slows down the liquid flow.
Cocktail layering tool.

Packed in a smart gift box the set contains a great instruction and recipe leaflet.

Product features
Dimensions: H 200m x W 113mm x D 98mm
Material: Plastic
Colours: Greys
Pack of: 1