Cap-On Freeflow Pourer - Pack of 12


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The BarBits Cap-On is a great new revolutionary pourer which is aimed at home bar enthusiasts as well as home bar owners and restaurateurs, designed for precise dispensing of your favourite top shelf liqueurs and for subsequent storage with the cap-on in the bottle neck and the closed bottle cap.

Easy to use -
Simply open your new favourite bottle and put the Cap-On pourer on the bottle.
Then pour the drink into the glass at professional pouring speed and accuracy.

The unique design allows bottle to be resealed by cap after each serving.
Fits most whisky, vodka, Jagermeister, rum, gin and many more bottles.
Suitable for helps prevents evaporation.

Product features
Dimensions : L 43mm x D 23mm
Measure : Medium fast free-flow
Material : Plastic
Colour : Clear
Pack of : 12