Manual Ice Crusher with Vacuum Base

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With a vacuum base to hold the ice crusher in place this manual ice crusher is perfect cocktails, slushies and smoothies to stay cool with the manual ice crusher. The ice crusher is easy to use and is hand operated, needing no batteries or electricity. The ice crusher includes a tray to catch and hold the ice as well as a scoop to add it to your drink without any mess.

All you need to do is lift the lid place the ice in close the lid and crank the handle and you have crushed ice as easy as that.

Dual function makes both fine and coarse crushed ice.
Perfect for crushing ice for home cocktails.
Metal teeth for crushing ice cubes.
Easy to use to use manual ice crusher.
Securely closing top lid for tidy usage.

Product features
Dimensions : H 245mm x W 121mm x D 159mm
Material : Plastic
Colour : White