Freeflow Spirit Pourer - Stainless Steel


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Product Information:
The BarBits Stainless Steel Free-Flow Pourer is designed to fit neatly into a bottle, this pourer combines functionality with style, offering a shiny appearance that complements any bar setting. It features a versatile rubber cork that is suitable for 75cl, 100cl, and 150cl bottles, making it a popular choice across the UK licensing trade. This pourer is perfect for accurately pouring shots and creating visually appealing layered drinks.

Key Features:

  • Air vented design ensures a smooth, continuous flow.
  • Medium fast pour rate ideal for controlled dispensing.
  • Rubber cork adjusts to fit most bottle sizes, enhancing versatility.
  • Shiny stainless steel finish adds a stylish and elegant look to your bar.
  • Extensively used in the UK licensing trade, proving its reliability and effectiveness.

Care Instructions:
Soak in warm soapy water for 15-20 minutes, shaking or agitating the pourers to ensure thorough cleaning inside and out. Rinse thoroughly with cold water to clear any soap residue.

Product Features:

  • Brand: BarBits
  • Dimensions: L 110mm x Ø 30mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver
  • Flow Speed: Medium

More Information for Bar Professionals:
The BarBits Stainless Steel Free-Flow Pourer is an indispensable tool for any bar, facilitating efficient drink service and maintaining the quality of your presentation. Whether you're serving up shots or crafting layered cocktails, this pourer's precision and elegant design make it a must-have for enhancing your bar's operation and aesthetic.