Colossal Whisky Glass & Ice Cube set

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Enjoy whiskey on the rocks with this uniquely shaped glass with silicone mould that makes one extra-large ice cube. The rounded bowl of the glass helps to focus aromas while the shape of the squared glass base helps keep ice cube centered for even chilling. The extra-large ice cube melts much slower than traditional cubes, resulting in longer lasting flavours and less dilution.  

Included silicone mould creates a large 1 3/4” (4.5 cm) ice cube that allows you to sip slowly and enjoy more flavour with less dilution.

Uniquely shaped round bowl helps to enhance aromas.
Thick square base provides a balanced & comfortable hand-feel.
Squared base helps keep ice cube centered for even chilling.
BPA-free & certified food-grade silicone ice mould.
Full colour gift boxed.

Set includes
1 x whiskey glass.
1 x ice cube tray.

Product Features
Whiskey Glass
Capacity: 420ml - 14.5oz
Material: Glass
Shape: Round with a square base
Colour: Clear

Ice Cube
Dimensions : H 45mm x W 45mm
Material: Silicone
Shape: Square
Colour: Grey