BarBits Magic Cleaning Sponge - Pack of 4


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The Magic erase-all is the most effective way to remove stubborn marks and stains without the need of chemicals. It eliminates almost any marks on any hard surface in an instant. It is so quick and easy to use. Just wet the sponge and squeeze, then rub gently on the marks and watch them disappear.

It’s ideal for eliminating household stains, scuff marks, finger marks and also grease on cookers. Why not try it on wooden floors, tiles, PVC and wallpaper.

Perfect for use on chalkboards.
Non-toxic chemicals.
Removes dirt & grime without detergents.
Great for Limescale, Burnt-On Food & More.

Product Features
Brand : BarBits
Dimensions : H 60mm x W 27mm x L 96mm
Material : Sponge
Colour : White
Pack of : 4