Ceramic Easter Islander Tiki Mug - 450ml

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The BarBits Brown Ceramic Easter Island Tiki Mug brings a touch of tiki to your party. Influenced by the Moai of Easter Island, this tall ceramic head shaped mug is perfect for tropical themed cocktails and long drinks.

Looks great and would be ideal for any bar, restaurant, BBQ or cocktails at home

Perfect for Hawaiian themed parties or Luau.
Suitable for cocktails, juice or soft drinks.
Hand-crafted hand painted ceramic.
Novelty cocktail mug.

Product Features
Capacity : 450ml
Material : Ceramic
Colour : Brown
Pack of : 1

More About Tiki - The term Tiki came from an American man called Donn Beach who ran a restaurant called Don the Beachcomber and served 30 different drinks, in many different vessels although nothing like the Tiki mugs we recognise today – hollowed out coconuts and pineapples is as close as you would have got to what we recognise today.