Boston Cocktail Shaker Set - Brushed Copper

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The BarBits Brushed Copper Boston Cocktail Shaker tins features a reinforced base, just adding that bit of extra weight to your shaker making it perfect for launching your cocktail concoctions into the air with the added reassurance that they will fall bottom down for safe catching.

Allows bartenders to perform ambitious flair cocktail mixing.
Weighted base for professional cocktail making.
Suitable for use in bars or at home.
Eliminates the risk of broken glass.
Tin on tin boston cocktail shaker.
Dishwasher Safe.

Product Features

Material : Stainless Steel
Finish : Brushed
Colour: Copper

Small Tin:
Dimension : H 115mm x Ø 84mm
Capacity : 15oz

Large Tin:
Dimension : H 173mm x Ø 92mm
Capacity :  28oz