Black Paper Straws 8" - Pack of 250

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Introducing our Plain Black Paper Straws – a sustainable choice for guilt-free sipping! These classic plain black paper straws bring a touch of retro charm without the environmental impact of single-use plastics. Crafted using modern manufacturing techniques, these straws are not only strong and durable but also evoke a timeless vintage aesthetic.

The beauty of disposability doesn't have to equate to plastic. Tailored for single-use, these paper straws provide an eco-friendly alternative that maintains a sleek and contemporary look. Perfect for smoothies, milk, water, and alcoholic drinks, they are suitable for both commercial and home use. Additionally, they can be submerged in liquid for approximately 2 hours, adding to their practicality.

Biodegradable paper - more environmentally friendly than plastic.
Perfect for smooothie drinks, milk, water and alcoholic drinks.
Can be submerged in liquid for around 2 hours Approx.
Suitable for commercial and home use.
Designed for single usage.
Food grade paper.

Product features
Dimensions: L 8inch
Dimensions Bore: 6mm
Material: Food grade paper
Pattern: Plain
Colour: Black
Shape: Round