Tulip Cocktail Mixing Glass 700ml

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The BarBits Tulip Mixing Glass stands as a testament to both style and vintage-inspired sophistication, offering a meticulously crafted design that effortlessly bridges the gap between classic and contemporary mixology.

Its aesthetic allure is complemented by a functional lipped rim, ensuring seamless and drip-free pouring. The compact pouring spout, a hallmark of thoughtful design, contributes to the smooth amalgamation of your cocktail creations. This mixing glass becomes more than just a vessel; it becomes an extension of the artistry inherent in cocktail crafting.

As you wield this glass in your hands, its tactile elegance and ergonomic design elevate the entire cocktail-making experience. Every detail, from the lipped rim to the precise pouring spout, is a deliberate nod to precision and convenience. The BarBits Tulip Mixing Glass isn't just a tool; it's a statement piece for the dedicated mixologist, offering both style and substance in perfect measure.

Great when used in conjunction with mixing bar spoons and julep strainers.
Thick and heavy glass perfect for all stirred cocktails.
Stylish and unique cut vintage design mixing glass.
Easy to use pouring lip prevents spillages.
Ideal for use with long mixing spoons.
Hand wash only.

Product features
Dimensions : H 145mm x D100mm
Capacity : 700ml - 23.7oz
Material : Glass
Colour : Clear