BarBits Softwood Spile 38mm - Pack of 50


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BarBits cane porous softwood Spiles are an essential item for ale casks and home brewing.

The Softwood Spile for Cask Beer is the initial spile used during the fermentation process, the porous structure allows excess gases to escape. A soft spile allows the cask to settle before being tapped, a vital accessory for any home brewers or beer cellars.

Allows the cask breathe and settle before being tapped
Ideal for use in Bars, Pubs, Cellars and Breweries.
Perfect for when ale is ready for serving.
Essential item for cask beer service.
38mm Cane Porous Spile.

Product features
Brand : BarBits
Dimensions : L 38mm x W 13 x D 13mm
Material : Wood
Shape : Round
Colour : Brown
Pack Qty : 50