BarBits Silicone Ice Tray 32 Cubes

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Have you ever found youself, when entertaining guests, passing around glasses of G and T or Pimms at body temperature, marred by your clammy handprints? Then this jumbo ice cube tray is likely to be the answer to your sweaty prayers.

With room for 32 cubes and fashioned from easily-bendable silicone for ease of removal without having to resort to a blast from the hot tap, this practical, hygienic and near-unbreakable ice tray will solve your temperature problems at a stroke.

Soft and flexible silicone structure makes it far easier to remove ice cubes.
Supplied with plastic tray to protect ice tray and make it easier to carry.
Large capacity with enough space to freeze 32 ice cubes at a time
Dishwasher safe.

Product features
Material : Silicone
Colour : Light Blue
Pack : 1 Tray

Tray L 335mm x W 185mm x D 38mm
Ice Cubes x L 35mm x W 28mm x H 33mm