Pro 2 Prong Hawthorne Strainer - Stainless Steel

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The BarBits Professional 2 Prong Cocktail Strainer is as an essential tool tailored for the discerning mixologist. Its superior construction guarantees durability, while the impeccably polished finish and timeless design elevate its aesthetic appeal. This strainer emerges as the quintessential choice for those aspiring to craft the perfect cocktail.

The incorporation of a high-quality spring within the strainer ensures a refined filtration process, preventing any undesirable remnants such as ice or fruit chunks from permeating the final concoction. The seamless synergy of form and function sets this cocktail strainer apart, promising a professional touch to your mixology endeavors.

Designed to complement a 28oz shaker tin or a 16oz mixing glass, this strainer seamlessly integrates into your bar equipment ensemble. Elevate your home bartending experience by adding this professional-grade tool to your repertoire, unlocking the potential to create cocktails that meet the highest standards of excellence.

It will filter out ice and pips, while allowing small shards of ice and fruit pulp through
Easy to store with the handly hanging hook.
Also know as a hawthorne strainer.
Two stablising prongs.
Dishwasher safe.

Product Features
Brand : BarBits
Dimensions : W 85mm x L 160mm x D 20mm
Material : Stainless Steel
Colour : Silver