BarBits Plastic Cocktail Muddler - Spiked End

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Introducing the BarBits Plastic Cocktail Muddler with a Spiked End – your go-to tool for infusing extraordinary fresh flavors directly into your cocktails. This essential muddler is a must-have for all bars, ensuring the creation of various delectable drinks with ease.

Elevate your mixology game with the BarBits Plastic Cocktail Muddler, a versatile and essential tool for every bar enthusiast or professional mixologist.

Key Features:
Spike Head End: The spiked end of the BarBits Plastic Muddler is designed to release fresh flavor combinations directly into your cocktails, enhancing their taste profile.
Optimal Design: The pyramid-shaped burls and grooved surface provide optimum results, allowing you to muddle fruits and herbs efficiently to create deliciously fresh cocktails.
Versatile Use: Perfect for crafting a range of cocktails, especially ideal for making mojitos and other flavorful concoctions.
Lightweight and Durable: The muddler features a lightweight yet durable plastic construction, ensuring longevity and ease of use behind the bar.

Product Features:
Brand: BarBits
Dimensions: L 215mm x Dia 28mm
Material: Plastic
Colour: Black
Head Style: Spikes