BarBits Metal Pineapple Cutter

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The BarBits ratcheting action of this pineapple slicer makes it quick and easy to core and slice fresh pineapples.

The slicer inserts at the top of a cut pineapple and by turning the handle with its soft, non-slip grip it cores and slices right down to the bottom.

In addition to creating perfect pineapple slices, the slicer, with the aid of convenient measurement markers, leaves the pineapple shell intact ready to be filled with salads or tropical cocktails.

Sharp blades for quick and simple coring and slicing.
Ergonomically designed grip for safe and comfortable use.
Detachable handle allows you to easily remove pineapple.
Shell remains intact.
Plastic and nylon.
Dishwasher safe.

Product features
Brand : BarBits
Dimensions :
Material : APS Plastic & Stainless steel
Colour : Green
Product Features