Round End Bar Spoon 45cm - Antique Brass


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The BarBits teardrop Antique Brass long handle bar spoon is 450mm long and is longer than your more traditional bar spoons, which allows the bartender a lot more control over the mixing and stirring of drinks it has a flat edge at the opposite end to the spoon, which again is helpful for layering and two hand stirring.

The large size allows you to reach the bottom of pitchers or stir a cocktail on a low bar without bending your back.
Ideal for Craft Bartenders and Master Mixologist's.
A tightly wound helix gives the spoon strength.
TearDrop type design.
Not Dishwasher Safe.

Product FeaturesDimensions: L 450mm
Material: Stainless steel
Finish: Brushed
Colour: Brass