BarBits Mini Rubber Bar Mat 12" x 6"

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The BarBits mini rubber cocktail bar mat is the perfect product you need to avoid sticky spillages and stains on your bar and being made from a hard wearing rubber that's flexible easier than traditional bar mats to clean and maintain.
Designed to be used as a drinks preparation mat for bar tenders and baristas as well as a general serving mat.

Along the length of the mat are 10mm spikes that allow the spillage to be collected and empty easily whilst leaving the bottom of the glass dry.

Can be used for professional and domestic use.
Collects liquids between rubber fingers.
Perfect for use when mixing cocktail.
Help protects your bar counter.
Flexible rubber bar drip mat.
Dishwasher safe : yes

Product Features
Brand : BarBits
Dimensions : L 300mm x W 150mm
Material : Rubber
Colour : Black
Shape : Rectangular