BarBits Keep & Pour Bottles™

The Keep & Pour Bottles by BarBits: Unmatched for Cocktail Pouring

Welcome to BarBits, where we blend innovation with practicality. Our Keep & Pour Bottles are the ultimate solution for cocktail pouring, setting new industry standards. Unlike other bottles on the market, our bottles feature a thick thread, ensuring they are completely leak-proof. The air intake hole on the top prevents blockages, guaranteeing a smooth flow of juice from the pour nozzle.

Crafted from smooth, durable plastic, these bottles are designed for ease of use and maintenance. They can be effortlessly disassembled for hand cleaning and are also dishwasher safe, ensuring maximum convenience. Each bottle comes with a spout attachment that facilitates precision pouring, enhancing the speed and efficiency of service, making them essential for any bar, pub, or home bar.

Available in six vibrant colours, these bottles are perfect for storing and pouring fruit juices for mixers or cocktails. With a generous 1-litre capacity, they reduce the need for frequent refilling, allowing bartenders to focus on delivering excellent service. The screw-on lid prevents wastage when not in use and ensures easy storage.

Ideal for serving juices and mixers, these bottles offer dual functionality as both pour bottles and storage containers. The durable plastic construction ensures longevity, while the ease of disassembly and dishwasher-safe design make cleaning a breeze. Standing at a height of 335mm with a diameter of 94mm, these bottles are perfectly sized for professional and home use.

Engineered to enhance efficiency and minimise mess, the angled nozzle ensures a smooth flow of juice, adding both style and practicality to any bar setup. After use, the spout can be replaced with a flat lid for convenient storage, making it perfect for refrigeration. This versatile bottle is essential for any establishment aiming to streamline their drink service and maintain a tidy workspace.

Choose BarBits for unparalleled quality and functionality in your barware essentials.

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