How To Use A Jigger Measure

How To Use A Jigger Measure

How to use a jigger measure

Using a cocktail jigger is essential for precise and consistent cocktail-making. A jigger is a double-sided measuring tool, typically made of stainless steel, with one side larger (usually  50 milliliters) and the other side smaller (typically 25 milliliters). Here's how to use a cocktail jigger effectively:

  • Understand the Measurement Sides: The larger side of the jigger typically measures 50 milliliters, which is often referred to as a "jigger" in cocktail recipes. The smaller side of the jigger typically measures 25 milliliters, which is sometimes referred to as a "pony" in cocktail recipes.
  • Select the Appropriate Measure: Depending on your cocktail recipe, decide whether you need the larger or smaller measure. Many cocktail recipes will specify which one to use.
  • Hold the Jigger: Grip the jigger firmly, with your thumb on top of the handle and your fingers wrapped around the bottom. This grip allows for better control and pouring accuracy.
  • Pour the Ingredient: Hold the jigger over the mixing glass or shaker tin and pour the liquid into the jigger slowly. Be precise to avoid over-pouring.
  • Check the Measurement: Observe the liquid level in the jigger. The meniscus (the curved surface of the liquid) should align with the desired measurement line on the jigger (e.g., 25ml or 50ml, depending on your choice).
  • Pour into the Mixing Glass or Shaker: Once the liquid reaches the desired measurement, pour it into your mixing glass or shaker tin to combine with other ingredients.
  • Repeat as Necessary: If your cocktail recipe calls for multiple ingredients with different measurements, repeat the process with the jigger as needed for each ingredient.
  • Finish and Mix: After measuring all the required ingredients, proceed to mix, shake, or stir your cocktail as per the recipe instructions.


  • Always measure accurately to ensure the balance and consistency of your cocktails.
  • When pouring sticky or viscous ingredients like syrups or liqueurs, you can lightly coat the inside of the jigger with a bit of a neutral spirit (like vodka) to make pouring and cleanup easier.
  • Practice using the jigger to develop your pouring skills and pour with confidence.

Using a cocktail jigger is an essential skill for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, ensuring that your cocktails are well-proportioned and perfectly balanced. It's a simple yet crucial tool for achieving consistent and delicious results.

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