Sponge Scourers Pack of 10

The catering sponge back scourers are absorbent and soft, this sponge scourer from prc disposables is a great item to aid you cleaning within your premises. Featuring a hardwearing scourer on the top to scrub away dirt, stains and tough mess, this cleaning essential is completed with an absorbent sponge underneath for cleaning of less stubborn areas.

With the ability to clean with ease, this scourer is ideal for use on your dishes, glassware and cooking equipment.
Ideal for washing up pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and utensils
Also ideal for restaurants, pubs, pubs and the home.
Heavy duty scouring pad combined with highly absorbent sponge

Product features
Dimensions : L 15cm x W 10cm
Colours : Green & Yellow
Pack of : 10