Spikey Anti Drink Spiking Stoppers


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Protect yourself and others from drink spiking. The Spikey Pourer Bottle Stopper fits inside the top of your bottle. The small hole through the centre is just the right size to slide a straw through.

Seals the bottle and prevent pills and illicit substances being slipped into the drink.
Creates a sealed bottle neck to prevent tampering.
The straw cannot be easily tampered with.
Helps prevent drinks from being spiked.
Comes in brightly coloured stopper.
Glows in UV light.
Made in the United Kingdom.

For the Spikey to be effective it must be fully inserted into the bottle. The straw should then be pushed through Spikey holding it close to the bottom of the straw. Once Spikey is inserted, it cannot be removed and is disposed of with the bottle.

Product features
Dimensions : L 20mm x D 20mm
Material : Plastic
Colour : Mixed Colours
Pack of : 10