Silicone Ice Ball Mould

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The circular shape of the ice allows for less surface area to contact your drink which means less water dilution and a more flavourful drink through to the last sip. The sphere's volume allows your favourite beverage to remain perfectly chilled longer than conventional ice.

The giant ice cube mould is perfect for cocktails and party drinks. Beautiful in Old Fashioned and Whisky based cocktails. Add fruit or herbs to when filling the moulds to create fabulous flavoured giant ice cubes.

Easy to use simply fill to top then freeze and remove from mould.
Makes up to 6 ice balls at a time.
Round ice balls keeps drinks colder longer.
Lasts longer than traditional ice cubes.
Large ice cube mould.
Dishwasher Safe.

Product Features
Dimensions : H 50mm x W 180m x D 130cm
Material : Silicone
Ball Size : 2 inch
Colour : Clear
Pack : 1 Tray