Rectangular Wire Condiment Holder

The BarBits wire condiment holder, that has ample space for multiple sauce bottles, provides an easy way to transport condiments to the table. With the variety of condiments you offer on your tables, it's important to have a holder to keep them together. The BarBits condiment holder is constructed from steel, this basket is strong for everyday use.

The cut out wire design all over adds an elegant and upmarket look to any styled decor. Clips on the back allow menus to be kept securely and neatly in place when not in use.

Perfect for bars, pubs, restaurants gardens and home use.
Clips allow menus to be held securely and neatly in place.
Condiment carrier and organiser.
Handle can hold menus or cards.
Can be used for counter top display.
Heavy duty wire.
Space for sauce bottles.

Brand : BarBits
Material : Steel
Colour : Black
Dimensions : W 7.75 D x 3.5 x H 7
Shape : Rectangle
Compartments : 1