Plastic Measuring Jug - 3 Litre

Ensure you always use the correct amount of liquid with our polypropylene measuring jug. Made with clear markings and divisions, the jug is simple to read, helping you find exact measurements quickly and easily.

The jug also boasts an ergonomically designed handle to allow you to comfortably carry large amounts of liquid. A precision spout helps you pour accurately to prevent spills and make sure you use the entire amount of liquid each time.

Polypropylene Measuring Jug.
Suitable for professional and domestic use.
Perfectly suited to any fast-paced professional kitchen.
Rigid polypropylene measuring jug.
Graduated in litres and pints.
Dishwasher safe.

Product Features
Dimensions : H mm x W mm x Dia mm
Capacity : 3Litre
Materials : Polypropylene
Colour : Clear with red text