Milk Frothing Thermometer With Clip

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The BarBits Frothing Thermometer will ensure your hot beverages are served at the perfect temperatures. Designed with clear markings and numbers, the thermometer is incredibly easy-to-use, helping you to effortlessly measure the temperature of milk with expert precision.

Features a temperature range -10 to +100°C (0 to + 220°F).

Perfect for cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate.
The thermometer can be securely fastened to the side of jugs to stop the utensil falling into your beverages when heating.
additional probe cover also helps you keep the tool hygienic and sanitary when not in use.
Checks temperatures for soups, deep frying, candy ect.
Supplied with a stainless steel clip.
Easy to read small head.

Product features
Brand : BarBits
Dimensions Head: 2.5cm Round
Dimensions Stick : 13cm
Type : Analogue
Material : Stainless Steel