Tea Infuser Mesh Ball

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Giving you complete control over brewing time and strength, this spring-loaded infuser is perfect for fresh, loose-leaf or herbal tea.

The perfectly sized holes will allow the maximum amount of water to pass through your infuser, whilst at the same time preventing the tea from escaping. Please remember that loose-leaf tea needs space to expand in the infuser so will benefit from not being over filled.

Dip the mesh directly into hot water and let the tea brew as per your liking.
Clean with normal water and/or dishwasher.
Easy to clean.

Simply press the hands (like a tong) and the mesh ball will open up. You can scoop out tea into half of the mesh (which is approx. 1 tea spoon) and release the tong to seal the tea inside the mesh.

Product Features
Dimensions : 16mm
Material : Stainless Steel
Colour : Silver