12 American Shot Glasses 1oz

The BarBits 1oz shot glasses are perfect for all type of shots and also great for severing yummy mini dessert's in your restaurant or showing of to your family & friends at dinner partys!

The thick base gives this glass extra strength and robustness, giving you peace of mind when handing out dangerous looking shots between friends.

Ideal for any type of shot or severing spirits and can also be used for mini desserts.
Perfect for restaurants, bars, pubs and home use.
Toughened shot glasses.
Five times more resistant to shock and heat damage.
Ideal for serving all types spirits such as vodka & rum.
Classic shot glass.

Product Features:
Dimensions : H 51mm x D 43mm
Capacity : 1oz / 28ml
Material : Glass
Colour : Clear
Pack of : 12