Purple & Blue Tiki Mugs - Set of 2

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The eye-catching Ceramic Tiki Mug Set adds a unique touch to any cocktail experience. The distinctive shape makes it a memorable addition to restaurants, BBQs, outdoor events, and home parties alike.

Try out any cocktail in this stylish mug and experience the joy it brings to your guests.

Suitable for both home and commercial use
Perfect for cocktails, juice or soft drinks.
Hand-painted ceramic.
Novelty cocktail mug.
Gift Boxed.

Purple Tiki Mug;
Dimensions: H 174mm x D 100mm
Capacity: 700ml
Material: Ceramic
Weight: 470g

BlueTiki Mug;
Dimensions: H 175mm x D 65mm
Capacity: 400ml
Material: Ceramic
Weight: 450g

Care: Hand wash only. This item should not be placed in the dishwasher.  

More About Tiki - The term Tiki came from an American man called Donn Beach who ran a restaurant called Don the Beachcomber and served 30 different drinks, in many different vessels although nothing like the Tiki mugs we recognise today – hollowed out coconuts and pineapples is as close as you would have got to what we recognise today.